When an account is created, Trimble MAPS or one of our partners provides a Company Administrator with access to RouteReporter. An email will be sent to the Company Administrator with the URL to log in. 

As a Company Administrator, you can create multiple users within the company who have permission to access RouteReporter.

To add a user to the account, begin by clicking on the Company Administration button.

A Company Administration page is displayed with all users added to the account. Click New User to add new users to the account. The new user has to be assigned a role and relevant vehicle and driver groups by the company administrator. All the vehicle and driver groups in CoPilot FleetPortal are made available in CoPilot RouteReporter.

  • A Company Administrator role gets access to all compliance information of vehicles assigned to all vehicle and driver groups added in CoPilot FleetPortal. In addition, company administrators get the ability to create and manage users of CoPilot RouteReporter. 

  • A User role gets access to view only the compliance information of vehicle groups and driver groups assigned by the company administrator and created by this user in FleetPortal. To add vehicle and driver groups to the user, click on Add and select the vehicle and driver groups relevant to the user.