CoPilot normally routes around all roads with legal truck restrictions or physical restrictions, such as low bridges. 

The only exception is when a restricted road is the only way to reach a particular stop during a trip—almost always because that stop is on a restricted road. In that case, CoPilot will display a warning message and calculate the route. It will then provide multiple additional warnings during the trip to ensure the driver understands he or she is entering a restricted road and should take the necessary precautions.

Two Stops Ahead

The first warning will pop up when the driver is within two stops of a destination that is on a restricted road. That is, if stop No. 5 is on a restricted road, the driver will see the warning after he or she clears stop No. 3. (Likewise, if the restriction is for one of the first two stops on a trip, the warning will appear immediately when the route is first generated.)

This early warning will include the name of the restricted road and its distance ahead on the route. The driver must press OK to clear the warning from the CoPilot screen.


Restricted Road Warning

CoPilot will provide guidance up until the driver reaches the restricted road. At that point, an additional warning will pop up, and CoPilot will stop providing guidance. (The driver will see a green line he or she can follow, but there will be no audible guidance instructions.) No further guidance—including route re-calculations, if the driver deviates from the planned route—will be provided until CoPilot detects the driver has navigated to a legal road.

Special Situations

Delivery Allowed

If stop is on a truck-restricted road that allows deliveries, CoPilot will behave as if there is no restriction at all. The driver will see the green line and hear guidance instructions. CoPilot will carry out a re-calculation if the driver deviates from the original route. 

London Lorry Control Scheme

London is governed by a time-based truck restriction known as the London Lorry Control Scheme. Within the control zone and during the applicable hours, a driver can be on a restricted road and still get visual and audible guidance and route re-calculations.