Release Date: October 2018

New Features

(Requires CoPilot 10.9 or higher) Two new custom settings have been added in Vehicle Routing Profiles > General:

  • Governor Speed Limit allows you to set a maximum speed to be used in routing and drive-time calculations.

  • Elevation allows you to set a maximum elevation for roads that can be used in routing.


The Configuration Profile > FleetPortal Sync Interval has been streamlined to one setting from six settings. The Sync Interval is used to determine the frequency at which CoPilot checks for any updates made by the fleet administrator. 

Deprecated Features

Road Preferences, which allowed users to set universal speeds for various road classes used in drive-time calculations, have been removed from Vehicle Routing Profiles. 

Starting with CoPilot 10.9, road speeds by jurisdiction (state/province/district) and road type are now used to calculate estimate travel time (ETT) and estimated time of arrival (ETA). These speeds, which are set by our team of map data experts, provide much more accurate ETTs and ETAs.

CoPilot FleetPortal - 2017 Q3 Edition - Release Notes - CLICK HERE