In the top menu bar, the user can easily view the list of customer accounts associated with them and select an account to view all its information.

After selecting the appropriate account, you can create multiple users within that account, and provide user permissions to access CoPilot RouteReporter. 

How Route Compliance Data is Generated

  • Your CoPilot application is ultimately what generates Route Compliance data. As long as Route Compliance is active in the vehicle, any RouteSync package received or route that is generated in-cab (prescribed route) will be used as the “planned” route. Then, as the vehicle moves, its GPS locations are used as the “actual” route.

  • When the vehicle deviates from the planned route, CoPilot records the GPS locations more frequently and triggers an alert that can be passed to CoPilot RouteReporter.

  • At the end of the trip, a Route Compliance package is sent from CoPilot Truck for back office reporting purposes. By default, GPS is recorded every 5 minutes while following the planned route, and every 2 minutes while the vehicle is Out-of-Route.

Note: Route Compliance packages are recorded for each route run in CoPilot Truck, whether for a single leg of a trip (to a single destination) or for the entire planned trip (to a series of stops).