Adding a new ‘Avoid’ or ‘Favor’ is accessed via ‘Route Exceptions’ panel. The users can mark one or more road links as ‘Avoid’ or ‘Favor’ on the map area.

  • Avoid - tells PC*MILER and CoPilot to avoid taking the road segment that is marked as ‘Avoid’.
  • Favor - tells PC*MILER and CoPilot to favor the road segment that is marked as ‘Favor’

ALK Content Tools pushes these Avoid/Favor files/edits to PC*MILER and CoPilot FleetPortal which then gets distributed to CoPilot applications for routing modifications.

To create a New Avoid/Favor route exception follow these steps:

  1. Select or create a Route Exception Set in the Route Exception panel.

    Figure 1

    Note: A Closures set is created automatically and is defaulted to an empty set. Click through to add new 'Closure'.

    • Creation of a ‘Avoid/Favors’ set is done in two ways:

      1. PC*MILER Desktop Users: Click on ‘Import…’ in the Route Exception Sets panel to import a list of Avoids/Favors as either a ‘New Set’ or ‘Append to Set’. Click on ‘Import…’; Choose to create a new set by clicking on ‘New Set’ (pre-selected) or choose the ‘Append to Set’ to append a set to an existing set (see Figure 3).

        Figure 2

        Figure 3

      2. Non-PC*MILER Desktop Users: Click on ‘New Set’ (see Figure 4) -> Type the name of the ‘New Set’ and click on
        ‘Save’ to save the set (see Figure 5).

        Figure 4

        Figure 5

  2. Click on ‘Add New Exception’ or select a road to start adding avoids or favors. Use the options to change the type. Click or drag to select roads. Hold ‘Shift’ to unselect. Hold ‘Space’ to pan the map. Press ‘Escape’ to cancel selection box.

    Figure 6