In the top menu bar, the user can easily view the list of customer accounts associated with them and select an account to view all its information.

After selecting the appropriate account, you can create multiple users within that account, and provide user permissions to access CoPilot FleetPortal. 

To add a user to the account, begin by clicking on the Company Administration button.

A Company Administrator page is displayed with all information related to the account with three tabs to add users, drivers and vehicles. Click on the Users tab to view currently assigned users. 

Click New to add more new users to the account.

Access levels:

Company Admin – Company administrator user level, with standard user level access plus the ability to create and manage users and assign specific vehicle and driver groups to the users.

User – Standard user level, with access to view and modify only Vehicle and Driver groups assigned by the Company Administrator.

Click the Save User button to add the new CoPilot FleetPortal user. The new user will be sent an email that will explain how to log in the first time and create their personal CoPilot FleetPortal password.