Configuration Management can be used to set FleetPortal Sync Intervals, Compliance and Driver Accessibility settings.

Click on Configuration Management in the top menu ribbon. To create a new configuration profile, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a New Configuration Profile

In the Configuration Management page, click on   .

Add Configuration Profile Name: Assign a name to the Configuration Profile being created. It is recommended that  configuration profile names are descriptive so that all users with access to CoPilot FleetPortal can easily understand and make best use of any existing profiles.

Note: The main feature that necessitates different Configuration Profiles is the Out-of-Route Threshold. Set a smaller threshold value to manage a group on a more frequent basis and a higher threshold value for a group which is allowed more discretion.

Default: Check the box if this profile shall be applied by default to every vehicle group added.

Step 2: Set the Configuration Profile Options

Choose the Configuration Profile options grouped under FleetPortal Sync Interval, Compliance, Driver Accessibility.

CoPilot FleetPortal Sync Interval Options Definition

CoPilot FleetPortal Sync intervals are used to determine the frequency at which CoPilot checks for any updates made by the fleet administrator on CoPilot FleetPortal. By default, all the CoPilot FleetPortal Sync Interval settings are set to 6 hours.
Configuration Setting Profile
Frequency at which CoPilot checks for updates on configuration profile settings
Routing Profiles
Frequency at which CoPilot checks for updates made to assigned routing profiles
Speed Coaching Profile
Frequency at which CoPilot checks for updates made to assigned Speed Coaching Profile

Note: This is not a standard offering. If you don’t see this option, please check with ALK support for more details.
Frequency at which CoPilot checks for updates made to Avoids/Favors set
Temporary Road Closures
Frequency at which CoPilot checks for updates on Temporary Road Closures
Custom Places
Frequency at which CoPilot checks for updates on Custom Places
Compliance Options Definition
Out of Route Threshold
Distance from the planned route at which the Driver shall be considered driving out of route for compliance purposes. When the driver is OoR for the distance set, an email is sent to company admin to notify that the driver is out-of-route and may be contacted for an explanation.

Note: CoPilot in general tracks GPS readings every 5 minutes. When the vehicle is OoR, GPS readings are captured every 2 minutes. By default the OoR threshold is set to 0.2 miles.
Driver Accessibility Options Definition
Routing Profile Creation or Editing by Drivers
Allow or Prevent drivers to edit or create new routing profiles on their device

Note: Preventing drivers from creating or editing routing profiles in CoPilot will ensure drivers are navigated based on the physical and legal guidelines as prescribed by the Fleet Administrator on FleetPortal.
Force Routing Profile

Force Drivers to select a routing profile to begin trip if multiple routing profiles are on CoPilot

Note: Best Practice is to create the routing profiles in CoPilot FleetPortal making them descriptive enough so that the drivers understand what they are, and then have the driver select from your approved profiles that are assigned to their Vehicle Group.

Note: All the options come with a default value.

After making the necessary changes as needed, click on .

Step 3: Assign the Configuration Profile to a Vehicle group

Click on the Assignments tab to assign this vehicle routing profile to a Vehicle Group.

In the Assignments tab, click on   to select the Vehicle Groups that should use this configuration profile.

Note: A Vehicle Group can only be assigned one Configuration Profile.