CoPilot lets you plan a journey from start to finish with as many destinations and waypoints as you like. These journeys can be planned in the back office and sent directly to devices. To do this CoPilot must be integrated with your back office applications by using the CoPilot SDK or CPIK.

If you wish to manually input destinations please see the following guidance on how to enter multiple destinations.

Important: For safety reasons, always plan your journey before you start driving and ensure that your device is securely mounted.

Enter Multiple Destination

CoPilot lets you plan a journey with multiple destinations. In the main menu, tap Route > Plan or Edit Trip. Select Add a stop to get started. Tap Address. Enter the city, street name and house number of the address. Tap Add Stop to enter additional addresses. If you're planning a journey with multiple destinations, you can change the order you want to visit each location. Select the destination you wish to move. A pop-up menu will display a list of options. You can also tap and hold a stop in your trip list then drag and drop it to a new position to change the position of where it appears on the list.

Current Location

CoPilot can save your current location as a destination so that you can find your way back there later. In the main menu, tap Route > Plan or Edit Trip. To enter a destination, tap Add Stop. Tap Current location. Your current location will be saved in your Recent places list. When you are ready to go back, tap My Places > Recent and select the place that you want to revisit from the list. Note: You will only be able to save your location if you have a valid GPS fix.

Show on Map

You can view any of the destinations you're planning on going to on a map: Select a destination from the list. Tap Show on Map to display the destination on the map. To return to the Plan or Edit trip list, tap Back. Create Waypoints CoPilot can route you through a specific place without considering it as a stop. By setting Waypoints you can adjust CoPilot's route, to calculate a detour via the waypoint. In your Plan Trip list, select the destination you want to change to a Waypoint. A pop-up menu will display a list of options. Tap Set as Waypoint. The address will now be set as a Waypoint, the icon next to it will also change to indicate that it is a Waypoint. A message advising You are close to your waypoint will be displayed in the dashboard when you approach the waypoint along your route. To change a Waypoint back to a Stop, select the destination and choose Set as Stop from the pop-up menu.

Save as Favourites

You can save destinations listed in your Plan Trip list as Favourites, so that you can easily return to those places. Select the destination that you wish to save as a Favourite. A pop-up menu will display a list of options. Tap Add to Favourites. The address will be saved in your Favourites list. Delete a Destination Once you've entered a destination, you can always delete it from your itinerary if you no longer wish to go there. Select the destination you want to delete. A pop-up menu will appear containing a list of options. Tap × to remove the selected destination from the list. Select Yes to delete the destination, tap No to keep it on the list. Calculate Your Route In the Plan or Edit Trip screen, tap Calculate Route to work out the best route for your planned journey. Trip Options Load & save trips, optimise your route and more with the Trip Options menu