Both applications perform the same function, they offer integration between the CoPilot Professional application and your third party application. But they perform this function in two fundamentally different ways.

THe CoPilot SDK is two separate applications running side by side communicating through a TCP/IP socket. The CoPilot Professional application will be one application with the integration application as a separate standalone. The SDK is compatible with implementations across Android, Windows Mobile 6.5, WinCe, Windows 7/8/10. ALK does have an iOS SDK but for utilisation this would require the customer to create their own iOS application store for managing the integration as ALK does not offer SDK integration on the iOS App Store.

CPIK (CoPilot Integration Kit) – CoPilot Professional navigation is provided as a Library, which is then embedded within a host third party application. The combined application provides a single download which can be used for a smoother end-user experience, where the look and feel can be controlled by the third party application. CPIK was developed by ALK due to the limitations running multiple applications within Android and iOS environments. As both of these operating systems only allow for a single application to be on the screen at any one time, so integrating two applications leads to a lot of screen switching between the applications which is very clunky for the end user. CPIK is supported on Android and iOS operating systems, integration in either of these environments will allow you to deploy the application in the consumer application store.

All the core CoPilot Professional functionality remains the same between the two formats, with very similar sets of API's. But the actual naming conventions and parameters for the functionality are not the same between SDK and CPIK.