CoPilot can display the speed limit* of the road you are on and can warn you to slow down if your speed exceeds the maximum speed limit of the road.

To set the way your CoPilot warns you about speeds limits, tap Settings > Speed Limit.

Note: If the speed limit for the road you are on is available, it is shown next to your speed.

If you drive faster than the speed limit, your speed is shown in red.

To display the speed limit in Driving Views, select show speed limit.
To set CoPilot to warn you if your speed exceeds the limit:

Select Show warning when exceeding speed limit by
Select a speed, above the speed limit of a road, to set when you would like to receive a warning
To hear a warning sound if you're speed exceeds the limit, select Receive audible speed warning.

Always respect the speed limit of a road and drive at a safe speed for conditions such as weather and traffic.

Different speed limits may apply to different types of vehicles travelling on a road.

Check the road speed limits set by a particular country before you start a journey

* The availability of this feature may vary by country/region