Change the language
CoPilot provides on-screen and voice guidance in a wide range of languages.

You can change the language used by your CoPilot.

Tap Settings > Language & Voice.
Select a language from the list.
Select a voice
Once you have selected a language, you can then choose the voice you want to use.

Select a voice from the list.

You can:

Select Test to hear a sample of your chosen voice.
Press Download (if available) to download the selected voice to your device.
Your CoPilot has two different kinds of voices:

Standard voice – Provides pre-recorded spoken instructions such as 'Just Ahead Turn Right.'
Text To Speech (TTS) voice*. TTS provides more detailed spoken instructions using advanced TTS computer voice technology. TTS converts written text into a computer generated voice to pronounce street names, live messages, traffic incidents*, weather reports and other announcements. For example: "Turn Right on Pall Mall".
TTS voices are indicated with an asterisk.

Note: CoPilot can use your Windows Phone or Android devices' built-in text to speech feature. You may need to download and install Android Text to Speech on your smartphone or tablet during first time setup.
*The availability of this feature may vary by country/region