Lets you control how your CoPilot connects to the Internet using mobile data or WiFi for various features and services to help you better manage your mobile data usage.

Mobile data
You can choose to turn mobile data on or off for all CoPilot features and services that require a mobile Internet connection.

To do this:
In the Main Menu, tap Settings > Cellular Data Usage.
Select or deselect the mobile data checkbox to turn mobile data on or off.
IMPORTANT: When mobile data is turned off, you will require a WiFi connection to access the Internet and use certain CoPilot features and services.

Allow mobile data for... You can set and easily switch mobile data on or off for specific features and services, by simply checking or unchecking the checkbox for the following:

  • ActiveTraffic
  • Search (Google, Yelp, etc)
  • Map Downloads
  • System files (Voices, Themes etc)
  • News, Updates & Account settings
  • Social (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Anonymous Feedback (Location info & GPS tracks)