Let's you change the look and feel of the maps included with your CoPilot. You can also decide whether certain features like Points of Interest are shown in the map.

Tap Settings > Map Display

The following options are available:

Map Styles

Choose from a variety of map colour schemes and styles for the day and night.
You can set your CoPilot to use a Day Only or Night Only map style, or choose Auto to switch between the day and night map styles you have selected.
Your CoPilot will automatically switch between day and night mode based on time if available, or else it will use the time set on your device's clock.

Location Info Display

CoPilot can show useful location information about your journey within a customisable information box displayed on the map.
You can choose whether you want CoPilot to show you the Current Road, Destination, Nearest Town or place where you're Heading towards.

Show POIs on Map

To set when to display POIs on the map.
Choose to show POIs Always, When Stopped or Never.
You can select which specific POI categories are shown on the map, by selecting Currently Displayed POIs.

POI Alerts

You can set CoPilot to alert you about specific types of POIs on your route.
To receive on-screen and spoken POI alerts, select the Show POI Alerts tick box.
To set how close to a POI you want to be alerted, tap POI Alert Distance and pick a distance from the list.
Choose to show POIs that are On Route or Near Route.
You can select which specific POI categories you want to receive alerts for. Tap Select POIs to alert then pick a POI category, multiple categories or Select All.

Show Map in Directions View

To show a map view on approach to a turn while in the Directions view, tap Show Map in Directions View.
Here you can set how near to a turn you'd like to be before your CoPilot switches from the directions view to a map view

2D Display Settings

Lets you adjust the 2D map display. Choose from the following options:
2D Auto Zoom
Zoom to Next Turn – Set CoPilot to automatically zoom in to the map as you approach a turn.
Zoom to Full Route – Set CoPilot to automatically zoom in to the map as you approach a turn.
Off - To disable automatic zooming
2D Map Rotation
Heading Up – Displays the road ahead facing upwards on the map.
North Up – To always keep the map pointing North.
Show Turn Restrictions
CoPilot can display a turn restriction sign in the map view to show you where any restricted turnings are along your route.