CoPilot makes the following kinds of sounds:

  • Spoken instructions
  • Warning sounds
  • Button sounds

To adjust the sounds played by your CoPilot, tap Settings > Sound.

Change the volume level
You can adjust the volume level of your CoPilot using the volume buttons on your device.

Choose Mute All Sounds, to turn off all CoPilot sounds. When set to mute, CoPilot doesn't provide any spoken instructions, alerts or button sounds.

Button Sounds
Choose Turn on Button Click Sounds to if you would like to hear a click sounds every time you touch a button in CoPilot.

Music volume
You can change how CoPilot plays spoken instructions when you're also listening to music on your mobile device. Choose from the following four options:

Mute during voice prompt
Reduce during voice prompt
Use same volume as voice prompt
No voice prompts while music is playing
*This feature is only available for iPhone and iPad

Tip: You can display Music playback controls at any time when you're listening to music and using CoPilot app on your iPhone or iPad, by double-clicking the Home button.