On your journey, if something unexpected happens to your vehicle, CoPilot can put you in touch with a roadside assistance company quickly.

In the main menu, tap More > Roadside Assistance.

You will see:

  • Information about a roadside assistance company, including their company name and telephone number.
  • Details of your location, like the nearest address to you and the latitude and longitude coordinates of where you are. You can give these details to the roadside assistance company call handler so they know exactly where to find you.

To get in touch with the roadside assistance company using your phone, tap the Call button. If you'd like to see where you are on the map, tap Show Map.

This CoPilot service requires a mobile Internet connection and may incur data charges from your mobile network. You also need to have a GPS fix to use this service. The availability and provider for this service may vary by country/region.