CoPilot lets you create and save multiple routing profiles that are specific to the physical attributes and set type of vehicle to ensure a safe, reliable route is calculated and guidance is provided for. Customising vehicle profiles depend on the product that you have deployed, there are a number of different options available to trucking profiles compared to that of a regular car. These profiles can be set and sent from back office applications directly to devices in the field.

To Manually setup a routing profile in the Main Menu, tap Route > Truck Routing Profile

The following customisation options are available, depending on your product this list may vary:

  • Hazmat Routing
  • Truck Dimensions
  • Display Restrictions
  • Toll roads
  • Custom roads & Speeds
  • Congestion Zones
  • Truck Warnings
  • Override restrictions

Further details of each of these options can be found below.

Hazmat Routing
CoPilot Truck routing can be customised to take into account the transportation of hazardous materials. Select one or all from the following categories:

  1. CoPilot Truck EU Hazmat Routing Restrictions: General, Explosives, Flammable, Harmful to Water, North American Truck and Truck GPS
  2. NA Hazmat Routing Restrictions: General, Explosives, Flammable, Inhalants, Caustic, Radioactive

Truck Dimensions
You can select from a list of industry standard vehicle dimensions or use the 'Custom size restrictions' option to enter the Max Height, Max Width, Total Length and Total Weight of your Truck. Options available as a standard can be found below:

  • No Restriction: Max. Height (0ft); Total length (0ft); Total weight/ axle (0 t); Max width (0ft); total weight (0t)
  • 48' Semitrailer: Max. height (13ft 6in); Total length (48ft); Total weight/ axle (34,000); Max width 96 in); total weight (80,000 lbs)
  • 53' Trailer or Twins: Max. height (13ft 6in); Total length (56ft); Total weight/ axle (34,000 lbs); Max width (102 in); total weight (80,000 lbs)
  • 28' Double Trailers: Max. height (13ft 6in); Total length (56 ft); Total weight/ axle (34,000 lbs); Max width (102 in); total weight (80,000 lbs) 
  • 40 foot Straight truck: Max. height (12ft 6in); Total length (40ft); Total weight/axle (7.26 t); Max width (8ft 3in); total weight (36.29 t)
  • Use Custom Size Restrictions

Display Restrictions
You can choose whether or not to display truck restrictions on the map or display on Map Based on Truck Profile.

Toll Roads
Choose to Use, Avoid if Possible or Always Avoid toll roads along your route.

Customize Roads and Speeds
This feature allows for the favouring of certain road types and is further enhanced with the ability to select the maximum speed for each road type. CoPilot Truck sends an audible warning should the speed selected be exceeded.

You can choose to Avoid or Favour the following road types:

  • North American Road Types: Freeways, Divided Highways, Primary roads, Secondary roads, Local streets
  • UK Road Types: Motorways, Dual Carriageways, Primary Roads, Secondary Roads, Local Streets

Truck Warnings
Choose whether or not to display truck warnings of known potential hazards on your route.

Select On to display truck warnings, or select Off not to.
You can set how close to a hazard along your route that you want to be warned.
Override Restrictions

Designed for those occasions when CoPilot Truck may be used for regular car-based navigation. This option allows restoration of neutral settings without losing current or other trucking profiles.