CoPilot Professional works out the best route to your destination depending on your vehicle routing profile. Specific details relating to the vehicle being used, allow CoPilot to ensure the most appropriate roads are routed as well as relevant road restrictions are taken into account.

Vehicle Preferences

You can adjust how CoPilot calculates routes based on the vehicle you're driving manually as well as have these details sent directly from a back office application to the device. These details can be manually amended in the Main Menu, tap Route > Vehicle Preferences Select your vehicle type, toll road preferences, if you would like the quickest or shortest routes.

You can also select if you would like to avoid ferries or set custom road speeds. Please note vehicle types may be restricted depending upon the version of CoPilot you have deployed on each device. If you would like traffic information to be taken into account ActiveTrafficâ„¢ subscription is required which also required mobile network connection which may incur data charges.

Truck routing profiles can also be customised to include Hazmat information which ensures the roads with restrictions that are used by CoPilot are avoided if necessary.