CoPilot comes with a number of preloaded Points Of Interest (POIs) which allow users to search through thousands of POIs such as ATMs, restaurants, petrol stations and car parks. You can also upload your own POIs depending on your business requirements.

If CoPilot is integrated with your back office application, you are also able to send the destination of a POI remotely to a user in the field. If you are looking to navigate to a POI directly on a device, details can be found below.

Navigate to a POI

To set a POI as a destination, navigate to the Go To menu, select Points of Interest and select your category.

You can also search the POI database stored within your CoPilot, by simply typing in a keyword of the POI you require in the Search box. You can use either, Google Local Search, Wikipedia or Yelp. Search results can be viewed on a map if required. Please note if you wish to use these search options they may require access to a mobile network and may result in network charges.

You can also search for POIs in a different location. Tap on Search Nearby at the top of the screen and choose from:

  • Nearby - to find POIs that are close to your current location
  • On My Route - to find POIs along your route
  • In Different City – for POIs in a certain city or town
  • At My Destination – to find POIs that are close to your next destination
  • Select a POI from the list.

More information about the POI will be displayed. You can choose to:

  • Add to Favourites – to save the POI as a Favourite
  • Set Destination – to enter the POI as your destination
  • Show Map – view the POI location on the map

You may also be able to dial the POI directly from a phone-enabled mobile device if a telephone number is displayed.