First Time Setup
The first time CoPilot is launched, you will be asked to create or enter an existing CoPilot ID to get started. Please note depending on the licensing agreement that you have in place the requirements surrounding CoPilot ID may vary. Please liaise with your Account Manager if you have any questions regarding entering your CoPilot ID. Many of the options below may not be relevant for Enterprise Licensing. Often CoPilot ID is only needed during setup and may only be seen by developers when configuring the product.

My CoPilot ID
A CoPilot ID allows you to customise CoPilot and remember the setting that you have selected.

  • To create a CoPilot ID - Enter an email address as your CoPilot ID and then create and confirm your password.
  • Tap Continue. > Use Existing CoPilot ID - If you already have a CoPilot ID, enter the email address and password of your existing CoPilot ID.
  • Tap Continue. > Create Later* - If you'd like to get started with your CoPilot straight away and create your CoPilot ID another time, tap Create Later.

*This option is not available for Android smartphones and tablets

Customise Settings
The first time you use CoPilot, depending on the build you have purchased, you may be asked if you would like to customise your settings. Choose from the following options:

  • Customise settings. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to customise your settings now.
  • Use standard settings

Welcome Screen
The Welcome screen is displayed every time you start CoPilot. It provides a welcome greeting and two choices:

  • View Map - takes you directly to the guidance screen. Your current location will be displayed if you have a GPS fix.
  • New Destination - takes you to the Go To menu where you can enter a destination.

If you prefer not to see this screen every time you start up, uncheck the Show Start Screen check box. In future, you will always go directly to the Go To menu to enter a destination.
Tip: You can personalise the welcome greeting within the Personalisation Settings menu.