The Walking Menu provides a quick menu to the features you'll need most when the walking profile has been selected.

  • Find POIs - CoPilot has thousands of useful Points of Interest (POIs) installed as standard. You can also search online for nearby businesses and brands using integral Google local internet search†. Plus, Yelp helps you find recommended local businesses around you.
  • Find Car - Use this feature to save the location of your car and then find your way back to it later with ease.
  • My Route – adjust your route, add a stop or find an alternative way to your destination.
  • Drive - switch to driving mode
  • Clear Destination - lets you delete your current trip directly from within the walking menu
  • Main Menu – access all of CoPilot's controls, including destination entry, route features and settings

These options can be customised if required, depending on your business needs. Please refer to the Customising UI document provided upon purchase.