In the main menu, use the series of tabs at the bottom of the screen to access the submenus.

Scroll to see the features, services, options or items available in each tab. Tap on an item to get started or see more options. The following submenu tabs are available:

  • Go To - enter a destination using Address, Points of Interest, Contact and more.
  • Route - plan a journey, check or change your route, set your mode of travel and more.
  • MyCoPilot - view additional features and upgrades available for your CoPilot, get help, and manage your CoPilot ID.
  • Settings - adjust your navigation settings to best suit your personal preferences.
  • More - access our live services including weather and roadside assistance. Plus, you can save the location of where you parked your car.

From within the submenus, you can tap Map in the upper left corner to display the map guidance view.

These options can be customised if required, depending on your business needs. Please get in touch with to explore these options further.