CoPilot has additional trip planning functions that can help you plan your journey more effectively. From optimising your route to checking on the fuel costs for your journey, CoPilot can help. These options can be managed through the back office CoPilot SDK or CPIK integration as well as within the app.

In the Plan or Edit Trip screen, tap Trip Options. The following options are available:

  • Clear - You can delete all the destinations in your Plan Trip list. Tap Clear. Select Yes to confirm, otherwise tap No.
  • Load - If you've already saved a trip, you can re-load it easily anytime you want to make it. Tap Load. Select the trip that you would like to load from the list and then tap Open. To remove the saved trip, tap Delete.
  • Save - For any trips that you make regularly, it’s worth saving those trips so that you can access them any time you need to make the same trip. Tap Save. Enter a name for the trip and tap Save.
  • Optimise Stops - If your trip contains 3 or more stops, you can use CoPilot's powerful trip optimiser to calculate the best way around multiple destinations. Simply enter all of the places you want to visit for your journey and let CoPilot re-order them into the most efficient route. Tap Optimise Stops. CoPilot will reorder all of your stops to give you the most efficient route for your journey*. 
  • Fuel Costs - You can calculate the estimated fuel costs for a trip. Tap Fuel Costs. Select 'Show Estimated Fuel Costs' to see how much a trip will cost in the My Route screen Enter the average miles per litre/gallons for your vehicle. Set your currency then enter the average cost per litre.

*Note: Your start point and final destination will not be altered.